• 4" Sliding Cargo Winch-XL

    4" Sliding Cargo Winch-XL

    Need longer cargo straps?  These sliding cargo winches are longer to accommodate longer straps. Slides into winch track under the side of the trailer deck. Sliding. Painted steel. Working load limit of 6670lbs. 7 1/2" by 4 3/4" inside...

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  • 4" Sliding Cargo  Winch

    4" Sliding Cargo Winch

    These cargo winches are commonly used on Pine Hill Material Handler Trailers.  They mount and slide in the winch track under the trailer deck.  Each winch can handle a working load limit of 5500lbs and accept 2-3" cargo straps. Slide in...

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  • 4" Add-on Cargo Winch

    4" Add-on Cargo Winch

    Need cargo strap winches on your trailer for that one job?  Perhaps you need to add a winch for that one special job.  These add-on 1820 winches are a great temporary cargo management solution.  They hook onto the edge under the side...

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  • 4" Weld On Cargo Strap Winch

    4" Weld On Cargo Strap Winch

    These cargo strap winches are commonly found on Pine Hill Shed Hauler trailers.  They are a weld on type winch and accept 2-3" cargo straps. Weld-on. Painted. Working load limit of 6670lbs. 5 1/4" by 4 3/4" inside dimension. Accepts 2" or 3"...

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